AllIsNotLost_Nadirah Zakariya-1-2“Ed--We have been moved by you and your fantastic team's generosity on this project and we are so grateful to be working with you all.... We are honored to share our community with you and invite you into it. You are always welcome in the Pilobolus family.”  --Pilobolus Dance Theatre

“The response has been tremendous. I can’t thank you enough for your support of my work and the arts in Connecticut and for showcasing so many interesting segments about different aspects of what makes Connecticut such a special place. We need many more programs like yours.” –Bessy Reyna, Connecticut Poet

“Thank you, Ed. What a wonderful gift these films are…you brought the audience right into the session powerfully, and then you kept us in it every moment. Bravo!”—Dr. Julian Ford, UCONN Health

“Ed you have made just about everyone cry! We are so grateful to you for capturing the spirit of the studio so beautifully – you have created an amazing painting with words. Wow. We love it – and are truly grateful that you walked through our doors. Please come back and make art with us – sometime soon.” — Marita McDermott,  Director, Art Connection Studio, Hartford

“People were wowed. I have been interviewed before and it is a rare experience when the interviewer really sees you or takes the time and effort to try to truly understand what one does and why. I am so grateful to Ed for creating a wonderful Spotlight about me.” –Anne Cubberly, Sculptor/Artist

“I just watched the video 3 more times. As one of my colleagues said, ‘frickin’ awesome.’ I love the way you put it together, cutting in a way that is both cohesive and builds. Lots of time in the editing suite, but so worth it. You truly did us proud—and so did the ‘kids’. I’m still glowing about it, and the responses people have to it.”—Jonathan Gillman, Director, Looking In Theatre/Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

“Bravo!!! Ed – Wow! I work for the Palace Theatre and know its story yet I still had tears in my eyes watching your piece about us. It was visually gorgeous and the way you wove the story with the visuals was truly impressive! The final spoken words by Meg Luddy really was the icing on the cake though – it put a lump in my throat.” — Sheree Marcucci, Marketing & Public Relations Officer, Palace Theatre, Waterbury

“The show was great, Ed. Thank you so much for featuring the Center for the Arts in such a complex, thoughtful and perceptive way. We so appreciate it! Here’s hoping that Creative Stages continues for the benefit of all of the arts in CT!” —Pamela Tatge, Director, Wesleyan University Center for the Arts

“Ed–Thanks to you, the Bushnell truly is ready for prime time! We all so love the piece and so greatly appreciate your terrific efforts to create what is the best piece on the Bushnell ever done.”–Ronna Reynolds, Executive Vice President, The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

“I can’t thank you enough for your work with this….they came out great!! I watched the rapport you had with them (young actors), and could see what you could do. We invite you…to meet some of the foster kids who I hope will not suffer in silence as a result of this project.” –Martha Stone, Esq., Executive Director, Center for Children’s Advocacy

 “Wow! It’s really nice! Great job. I’m speechless. I’m going to send the link to everyone, and of course, I’m going to link it to my website. I was smiling and laughing the entire time I was watching it. It was so much fun. Thank you very much!” —Lorena Garay, Classical Guitarist & Recording Artist

“Ed did a marvelous job portraying the heart and soul of children who represent Connecticut and all of America! Ed’s gentle manner allowed them to be open, direct, and honest. They felt safe to express fear and vulnerability.” —Karen Carney, Counselor & Director, D’Esopo Bereavement Program

“WOW! The absolute best piece on Goodspeed. Thanks for making us look great.” –Michael P. Price, Executive Director, Goodspeed Musicals